Teen Advisories

Mario Apuzzo

Ava Dillard

Ava Seccuro

Lexi Shaheri

Jeffrey Hyland
James W. Jahant
Dorothy Kamins
Hon. Nancy Krasne
Janet Salter 

Christy McAvoy, FAIA
Katherine Timme, Historian Emeritus

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Arline Pepp

Cindy Rucker Trost

Arnold Seidel - Chair Emeritus

Vivian Seigel

Julie Solnit
Les Traub
Sandy Zwirn

Active Board Members

Suzanne Furst

Claire V. Giambalvo

Christina Hung

James Jahant
Andrew G. Kadar, MD

Kathy Melamed

Andrea Estelle Niven

About The Friends of Greystone

Historic Preservation Supporters

Melvyn Green, S.A.
Peyton Hall, FAIA

2020 Friends of Greystone Board of Directors


Susan Rosen - President 
Vicky Swartz - 1st Vice President & Treasurer
Kathi DeLuca - 2nd Vice President
Gay Lyn Parrish - Corporate & Historical Secretary
Anita Zwirn Naiman – Recording Secretary

Friends of Greystone

P.O. Box 16938
Beverly Hills, CA 90209

(310) 286-0119


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Honorary Committee

Jeanne Anderson
Anita Doheny
Marjorie Fasman

Fred Hayman

Founded in 2001 and comprised solely of volunteers, the Friends of Greystone is a non-profit organization whose mission is to raise funds to restore, preserve and protect Doheny Greystone Estate, owned by the City of Beverly Hills and considered to be among California’s most luxurious residences south of Hearst Castle.  Included in our goals is to provide educational programs to students, residents of Beverly Hills, and the general public.  All funds raised go exclusively to the benefit of Doheny Greystone Estate.